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Our mission

Help the development of mountain sports in North Pakistan.


Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, mountaineering, skateboarding, cross-country skiing, ice climbing ... Here in the Alps, all these sports are part of our daily life. But to enjoy these activities, you must first of all have the right equipment and know how to use it in the right environment, know how to maintain it to enjoy it as long as possible, know how to transmit so that nothing disappears. Around the world, few people have the means and the knowledge that we have in Europe. With the advent of social networks and the advance of the Internet network in the most remote corners of the planet, some finally have access to an unknown but fascinating culture, and are today asking for support that we can bring them. . As in the valleys of northern Pakistan where the mountain dwellers have virtually nothing to enjoy their surroundings, but now want to create a modern development with what they have in their hands.

Zom Connection is committed today to collect material and to travel on site to distribute it, as well as to share its know-how, in an ethical, sporting, economic and ecological approach.

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- Creation of the Chamonix "storage".

-Creation of the Islamabad "storage".

- Third collection.

- Third shipment to Pakistan.

- Creation of a climbing school site in Pakistan.



- May 2022 trip: setting up a solidarity acclimatization base camp, transmission of the basics of mountain techniques.

-Creation of a skate ramp and an indoor climbing wall.

-Fourth collection (children gears) and fourth shipment.



-Production and distribution of a 40min film.

-Scouting new places to find development areas.

Ski area for beginners and solidarity acclimatization.

-Creation of a "map"of solidarity sites


Bring together

On site, in addition to the distribution of equipment, Zom Connection makes it a point of honor to bring together all the local actors who wish to participate and help in our projects. That is to say all those wishing to come together behind the same activity and continue the adventure without us. With the project to create an association and that they are  totally independent.



For total independence, our ambassadors go on site to educate local players in their respective activities as well as inform them about the tourism and economic development of their activities. From ski lessons to equipment repair, from "storage" management to teaching mountain ports, from economics to ecology.



To go further and all together, Zom Connection is committed to communicating about its actions and promoting local actors via social networks as well as through photos and professional content productions.


To recycle

Return to the loop. First of all, we need the material. Via private individuals and mountain professionals, we collect all the mountain equipment that people no longer need, impossible to sell, too old and all that is still in a condition to be used by a child or an adult in a pre-defined list.



Collect, sort, organize! A "storage" is at our disposal in the valley of Chamonix. In addition to the outdoor harvest, collections are organized on site. From there everything is listed and organized for a logical distribution of the material according to the different projects of Zom Connection. "Storages" will also be created in the requesting regions.



Final phase from Chamonix: sending equipment on site. After collecting this material  it must now be routed to the right recipients. A fundraiser is therefore created via the internet to help us raise enough money to finance the shipments.

L'équipe: L'équipe



- Creation of Zom Connection  to help the development of mountain sports in North Pakistan.



- First harvest of material and first shipment to Pakistan.

- The Covid crisis is preventing us from traveling.



- Second collection and second shipment to Pakistan.

- First trip there for Zom Connection.

- Creation of a photographic database.

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