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Mountain Activities
and Authentic Development


Connecting the mountains ...

At Zom Connection , we are driven by one ultimate goal: to share. For a long time now, our association's ambassadors have traveled the mountains of the world to meet their exploration and adventure needs. But between the search for the most aesthetic peaks, and the highest snows in the world, it is the encounters and moments of life that remain the most important and the most inspiring.

Zom Connection wishes to go further in the adventure by bringing its help and its knowledge to these mountain people who have so much in common with us, but who are sorely lacking in the means and references to enjoy their playground as much as we do ...

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Our mission:

Help the development of mountain sports in North Pakistan.


Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, mountaineering, skateboarding ... all these sports are part of our daily lives. Zom Connection is committed today to collect material and to travel on site to distribute it, as well as to share its know-how ...

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Engage with us:

We need you. We collect and store the material, but only thanks to you. It is up to you to decide whether your mountain equipment, young or old, will have a second life in another massif, used by a stranger who really needs it.

We also need help to finance the sending of equipment and exchanges between France and Pakistan ...

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Action on the ground:

Our ambassadors get involved in the field to distribute the material collected and understand how to best help Pakistani education in sports and mountain tourism, through ski and snowboard lessons, mountain safety awareness, raising awareness of the protection of their environment, or even listening to local actors to best meet their development demands ...

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"Share, understand, help, educate, benefit ..."

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